Legend Blood

Episode 106: Legend Blood

At the same time, Beelzebub, Demon Queen of Gluttony, advanced to the 6F of the dungeon that appeared in the Lownas Grasslands.

Un. I had thought that dungeon exploration was an interesting thing, but I'm unexpectedly bored……

In front of her was the corpse of a salamander, similar to the one that Yuuto had fought. With how Akushoku could fulfill any of her whims, it was easy for her to break through the demons and the traps that were lurking in the dungeon.

Love. You can go ahead and eat the thing in front of us.


Love, the monster created by Akushoku, devoured the salamander ravenously. In order for Love to grant her whims, there was only one condition. By eating monsters holding magical power, it can increase its own magical power. The more difficult a whim is to grant; the more magical power is consumed. Love's expertise was Creation and Destruction, but when it comes to granting whims, its efficiency was bad. Beelzebub wanted to go to the bottom floor quickly, but Love didn't have the magic reserves to grant the whim that would allow her to capture the dungeon. Therefore, she was forced to steadily capture the dungeon while gathering magical power.

Aa. I'm bored. I want to see Yuuto-sama soon. Anyway, I'll capture this irritating dungeon quickly.

Waiting until Love was finished with its meal, Beelzebub was about to move to the next room when a man clothed in a black outfit stood in front of her. The man was wearing a Black Treasure Necklace that disable the Demon Eyes, and was the same person that Yuuto had seen in the adventurers' guild. He had been deemed not an ordinary person by Yuuto, and was smiling daringly under his hood.

……………I got tired of waiting, Demon Queen of Gluttony.

Awawa. Is onii-san a stalker? To wait for me in such a cramped room.


The man took off his hood silently and turned his sharp as a knife gaze at Beelzebub. His burning gold hair and black eyes was something that resembled a hero of Trywide. The name of the man was Michael Acard. He was the descendant of the hero Arc Schwarz, who had liberated the world from devils nearly 500 years ago. It is said that Arc Schwarz was accompanied by three friends, a magician, a sage, and a fighter when he subjugated the Demon King. The descendants of these 4 legendary heroes are called Legend Blood and have been engaged in important positions in the world.

Huh……? Your face, I remember it from somewhere……

Michael's characteristic features were blonde hair and red eyes. They could be seen in the sculptures and paintings in the world that depicted the figure of the strongest magician. These characteristic features are proof of being part of the lineage of the archmage. Lower class demons would look at a human with blonde hair and red eyes and immediately run away.

Its regrettable that you're a demon. I'd have found you attractive otherwise.

Michael, the Legend Blood's most handsome man, looked over Beelzebub's form with a hungry gaze.

What's this? Are you a playboy? Stop it. I'm sorry, I already have my heart set on another person.

Haha. Am I a playboy? Don't joke. I have been dispatched from very far to kill you, you know?

The man took out a large jewel from his bosom and fitted it onto his cane and pointed it towards Beelzebub.

You're an obstacle. Unfortunately, for the peace of the world, you have to die here.

In accordance to Michael's movements, Beelzebub used her unique ability Akushoku, and summoned the monster, Love.

………I guess it’s regrettable. I don't know who or why is targeting me, but you're out of luck.

The girl who was the Demon Queen of Glutton, and the man who was the descendant of the archmage that saved humanity, in a place where Yuuto was not aware of, reproduced the fight from 500 years ago.


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