Death Dungeon

Episode 104: Death Dungeon

At the same time, Yuuto, Spica and Sylphia headed towards the dungeon that appeared in the Lownas Grasslands on the air bike.

Un. It's an amazing building even on a second viewing.

Yuuto expressed his admiration unintentionally as he saw the pyramid-shaped dungeon. The dungeon rose to the sky as if it was proud of its huge area.

I wonder. The building is made from brick-shaped material, but it supposedly has a soft and smooth texture. I have never seen such a material before.

While standing in front of the entrance of the dungeon, Spica wondered out loud.

……Well, there's no use worrying about it now, so let's go inside.

I understand.


Before coming to the Lownas Grasslands, he had told Spica and Sylphia about the promise he made with Beelzebub. He had planned on going through the dungeon in a relaxed manner, but the circumstances had changed. If he could clear the dungeon before anyone, he was more likely to get a likely clue on how to return to modern Japan. Because of that, Yuuto had to clear this quest by hook or by crook. They entered the pyramid shaped dungeon together, and immediately after that, something happened.

Oi oi. What the hell is this……

The thing that welcomed them was the stench of blood that was nearly suffocating. When they turned towards the smell, they could see innumerable bodies scattered around in the center of the dungeon's passage.

This is……terrible. From the state of the corpses, I can say that not much time has passed. They were probably adventurers who entered the dungeon today, just like us.

That seems to be the case.

Sylphia's conjecture was probably right. When he tried observing the corpses, he could see some faces that he had seen before at the adventurers' guild.

…………Master. Something is wrong. I could not smell the blood while we were outside the building at all.

Ah. I think so too.

When Yuuto looked behind them as he was in thought, he noticed something curious. The entrance of the dungeon that had existed until a while ago could not be found anywhere. It wasn't the case of the door closing, but rather, the entrance had disappeared completely from existence.

……It seems that we are apparently trapped in this building.

When he gave it some thought, he realized that the dungeon probably had a mechanism where the moment adventurers entered it, they would be transferred to a different location. If it was like that, it would answer why Spica hadn't been able to smell the blood before.

……My lord. I don't understand the details, but could this dungeon have a trap installed for capturing adventurers?

No. At least, I haven't heard of something like that.

If there was such a dangerous trap, there would have been advice from the adventurers' guild. There was another thing that was unnatural, which were the corpses of the adventurers that were lying around. According to the adventurers' guild that rank of the dungeon should be E1. The difficulty was the second to last. If so many people died at the entrance, that would be extremely strange.

Let's go forwards. Staying here……could end up being dangerous.

Right now, he wanted to get as much information as was possible. If he headed further into the dungeon and met a survivor, he could obtain more information about this incident. According to will of Yuuto, they advanced through the passage and entered a room. Immediately after that.

Shit! This lizard asshole!

A voice resounded through the room suddenly.

 Threat LV 24

In that instant, two shadows jumped into Yuuto's view. One of them was huge red dragon that spanned 8 meters in length, and the other   was a wounded female adventurer that was confronting the dragon, Lassen Sigurd.


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  8. Maybe they go by the size figuring the depth from the outside dimensions.

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