High School Girl

Episode 102: High School Girl

Kyaa . Yuuto-sama, you have cream stuck on your cheeks.

………Huh. Where?

Here. Right here! I'll wipe it off!

30 minutes later, after a big fuss, Beelzebub had completely taken to Yuuto.

(Why am I…… with a Demon girl, eating crepes amongst the two of us?)

Yuuto thought darkly as he sat on a bench.

Spi-Spica-dono. Who on earth is that woman!?

I don't know. Something like that! Jeez……Master jumps from one girl to the next! Good grief!

Spica appealed with teary eyes while chewing on the handkerchief that she took out of her pocket. Spica and Sylphia had been waiting for the return of their master in front of the adventurers' guild, and were now watching Yuuto from the shade of a tree.

Yuuto-sama let's continue from before. Don't you think that you should become my lover?」」

Um, Beelzebub.

Don't be so distant. You can call me Bell.

Then, Bell. I'm sorry, but I cannot receive your feelings.

……? Why?

Beelzebub asked while tilting her head in wonder. The possibility that she could be dumped didn't even enter her mind.

Ah! I understand! You already have a lover? Perhaps your partner is one of the two people who are trying to be sneaky behind the tree?

……No. Those 2 are slaves, not lovers.

Hearing Yuuto's honest answer, Beelzebub smacked her hand with a pop.

I see! I don't understand about slaves, but I have no problem being the 3rd .


He needed to stop going along with her pace. Having judged that, Yuuto decided to switch the topic decisively.

By the way, Bell is from which Demon group?

Yes? What are you talking about suddenly?

You don't need to hide it. Since I have the Demon Eyes skill, I knew off Bell's identity from the beginning.

………Fun. I see, it was like that.

Bell touched her lips with her index finger as she smiled impishly.

So what does Yuuto-sama want to do to me? Hand me over to the knights of the kingdom? Or blackmail me into doing something erotic?

No. I won't do such things, but I do want to ask you one thing.

……What do you want to ask about?

Beelzebub was puzzled by Yuuto's suggestion.

Ah. Does Bell know the method with with a summoned human could be returned to their original world? I want you to tell me if you know something.


From what she had heard so far, Beelzebub could guess that Yuuto was a human summoned from another world. Only humans who had been summoned to this world would have any interest in the method to return. In addition it was a known fact that humans who had been summoned to Trywide will have a rare unique ability without fail. The fact that the boy in front of her had confessed that he was the holder of Demon Eyes, Beelzebub was confident of her guess.

Fun. I see, it was like that.

Saying that, Beelzebub flaunts a dauntless smile.

Um. Hypothetically, if I tell you the information, what will I get in return?


This child was super sadistic. It would probably be better to get away from this child. Yuuto realized this intuitively.

I understand. Then how about this. If Bell can give me some reliable information, I'll listen to anything you say for a day.

Fun. Those are very attractive conditions. When you say anything, does that mean that Yuuto will even give me sexual service?

……Ah. Well, I don't mind it.

Fu fu. It's a promise.

A sexual service to a beautiful girl wearing a uniform could only be regarded as a reward.

That's right. I have an idea, but I cannot easily give you the information as from my viewpoint I will be compromised. That's why, won't Yuuto-sama make a deal with me?

……A deal?

Yes! Yuuto-sama want's to participate in the dungeon capture quest, right? Then, if you can clear the dungeon, I'll grant your wish.


Yuuto was troubled. Originally, he would have preferred if he could directly collect the information, but it seems she has her reasons. If he tried to get it forcibly, he wouldn't have any way to check if the information was false or not.

I understand. I'll accept the condition.

When Yuuto agreed, Beelzebub showed a smile as she winked.

Those words……please remember it!

Ah, it's a promise.

Then, Yuuto-sama. You and I are now enemies! Let's meet somewhere soon .

Saying that Beelzebub turned around and left. Momentarily, a gust of wind came and gently flipped up Beelzebub's skirt. If it was an ordinary man, they would not have noticed it. But as a martial arts genius that shows up only once in a 1000 years, Yuuto noticed that Beelzebub was wearing light green underwear with his dynamic vision.

(I don't have any objections towards the beautiful women of this strange word……but the charm of a Japanese high school girl is still the best.)

After coming across an unexpectedly lucky event, Yuuto began to feel nostalgic about Japan.


  1. The charm of a Japanese high school girl is still the best

    Yuuto knows what's good on the fantasy world.

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