Dungeon Capture Meeting

Episode 100 : Dungeon Capture Meeting

The next day after being directed by a staff woman at the adventurers' guild, Yuuto proceeded to another room in the building.

Everyone. Thank you for gathering today. I will now begin the capture meeting for the dungeon that appeared in the Lownas Grasslands.

A middle-aged woman who was supposedly a guild staff acted as the chair with a microphone in her hand. Close to 20 adventurers had gathered in the room along with Yuuto, and everyone was tense.

The reward for capturing the boss has been set at 2 million rea by the guild. The degree of difficulty is E1. Time limit is 2 months. If it goes beyond the time limit, an extra bonus will be paid, but we have high hopes for a quick capture.

The instant the guild staff announced the reward money, the tension of the adventurers increased.

Fun. 2 million rea for an E1 dungeon. That's a bit of a splurge, don't you think?

Lassen, who was sitting next to Yuuto, muttered as she tinkered with the rim of her western cap.

Is the quest reward higher than the market price?

Ah. Since the degree of difficulty is E1, the dungeon is 2nd to last out of 10 levels. I'd say the regular reward rate is 1 million rea. It's probably because Lownas Grasslands is an important place for trade with the neighboring country. Lodhran will want to remove the dungeon as quickly as they can.

Yuuto decided to learn some of the basic information of the dungeon from Lassen. Dungeon refers to a space that endlessly gives birth to monsters, items and traps. The one that appeared in the Lownas Grasslands was shaped like a pyramid, but sometimes the entire area could be converted into a dungeon. A strong monster called the Guardian existed in the depths of the dungeon. Until this monster is defeated, the dungeon continues to grow, increasing the difficulty level.

………I see. Is that why the extra bonus is set?

He had thought it was strange when he heard that there'd be a bonus if the dungeon was cleared after the set time limit, but now it makes sense. From the guild's perspective, if the dungeon's difficulty increased, it was a good reason to raise the reward.

That's all from us. For the dungeon capture, the guild has prepared the minimum necessary items on this table. They are at your disposal. I pray for your good fortune.

When the explanation from the guild staff was over, the adventurers slowly began to move.

 Seven Deadly Sins
Unique Ability

………N. That is?

At that time, a girl wearing a Japanese high school uniform came into Yuuto's view. Why in the world was she wearing a school uniform? The question vanished almost immediately as he checked her status with Demon Eyes.

(……Certainly, that child is a demon.)

Till now, Yuuto had seen two demons who had the occupation of Seven Deadly Sins. He could understand from her atmosphere, that she may not possess any unique abilities, but she was by no means inferior to the other demons.


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  2. She has a unique ability. Making Japanese clothes

    1. Obviously, but remember Bellphegor? He also had a unique ability that Yuuto couldn't see. So I'm assuming that Seven Deadly Sins have abilities that Yuuto can't see.

  3. Most likely Beelzebub can concealed her unique abilities or she has "2" unknown abilities instead of 1 to compensate I guess... :-D
    Thank you so much for the chapter :)

  4. Beelzebub has "black hole" as a unique ability--speculation only.

    1. Yeah the ability to eat anything and make it disappear.
      That's what I would expect.
      So basically, the power of NOM.

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