Epilogue 〜 Temporary Happy Ending 〜

Epilogue Temporary Happy Ending

Shortly thereafter the continuous kidnapping incidents of Expein had been resolved unexpectedly. More than 100 corpses of men and women were found at the mansion of the city's greatest noble, Andrea Scott Marnish. Since the women at the discovered site all had become dried up mummies because of their blood being sucked dry, it was clear that the culprit was a vampire.

However when the knights entered Lord Andrea's mansion, the vampire was already dead. So a mystery remained. That is……who defeated the vampire? Rumor has it that the wounds that killed the vampire were unprecedented. Besides a bruise on his flank that looked like he was hit by a hammer, there were no other noticeable trauma, but oddly enough, his skeleton and internal organs were severely damaged.

Yuuto was an important witness that the Royal Knights cross examined. However Yuuto succeeded in turning them back by persistently saying that he did not know anything. The Knights also thought that it was impossible for one adventurer to defeat a vampire. So Yuuto was cleared of any suspicion immediately.

After all who could say that this wasn't an internal strife between devils? Such a vague speculation couldn't really conclude the event. So it was handed down by the future generations as the greatest mystery of all time.


Spica welcomed Yuuto and Sylphia when they returned to the inn. Yuuto's clothes were stained in a large amount of blood making it obvious that it was not an ordinary situation, but Spica did not pursue the matter. Because Yuuto had returned safely. That was enough to satisfy Spica.

Welcome back, master.

Ah, I'm back, Spica.

Seeing her master return after waiting impatiently, Spica smiled brightly.


After a few hours.

Yu-yuuto-dono…… Isn't this dress……a little strange?

Sylphia was wearing a sexy negligee provided by the inn. After some complications he had safely bought Sylphia from the slave traders. Yuuto arranged the alibi that he had found Sylphia when she was escaping from the vampire after she was kidnapped.

(This view alone……Makes me feel that it was worth it to be summoned to this world.)

The sexy negligee that Sylphia was wearing revealed her magnificent breasts unsparingly.

No, not at all. I think you look pretty.

P-pretty!? Are you using that term……to describe me!?

Yes, that's right.

……Pretty. That……to think that I'm pretty……

Sylphia's cheeks become hot in a moment.

(……Is it my imagination, or I saw a similar reaction before.)

Syphia grew up at a Knight's house and was given a strict education, and lived a life unrelated to love. So her resistance to praise from was not good at all. Watching the two interact, Spica became impatient.

Ma-master! What about me!? I also tried wearing a new negligee today……

Ah, un. Spica also……looks somewhat cute.


The subtle evaluation caused Spica to be depressed. Actually Yuuto thought that both Spica and Sylphia had their own charm. Sylphia was an expensive flower that everyone yearned, while Spica was a friendly sunflower blooming in the fields. Yuuto's subtle evaluation was simply caused by sadism. He wanted to look at Spica's depressed reaction.

(U. Sylphia-san. I will not lose!)

However, not knowing the circumstances of Yuuto's remarks, Spica would have a secret rivalry with Sylphia.

(Now then, what to do tomorrow……)

Yuuto's current goal was to find a way to return to modern Japan. However, there was no need to panic. He could now live with two pretty slaves after much effort. Therefore, for the time being, he wanted to enjoy life in the different world just taking it easy. Yuuto thought this as he savored sleeping in the same bed as two beautiful girls.


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