Epilogue 〜 Expanding the Slave Harem 〜

Epilogue Expanding the Slave Harem

Bie. Bieeeeeeeeeeee!

Next morning Yuuto woke up to Spica's scream. Panicking he ran down the stairs towards the voice only to find Spica sitting down in the garden of the mansion while looking at something in surprise.

 Threat LV 7 State (Taming)

It was natural that Spica was screaming. After all, in front of Yuuto was an army of skeletons that in the garden.

U Maaasteeer……

He didn't understand the exact situation, but because of State (Taming), he could guess who had caused the disturbance.

Ah, Onii-chan. Good morning nanodesu.

The person that caused the problem was Sanya Foresty who greeter him while riding on the back of her partner the Blair Dragon.

……Sanya, did you bring the skeletons here?

Yes nanodesu. I wanted to help onii-chan nanodesu.

All right. I have a bad feeling……but say it.

To tell you the truth, these 60 skeletons here are my friends from when I lived at the Cait Sith village nodesu. However, they seemed to have lost their homes to a new monster and are in trouble. Couldn't onii-chan employ them somehow and let them live here nodesu? Onii-chan, Please. Couldn't you help these skeletons find a place to stay?


Yuuto was bothered by Sanya's suggestion. Taking his self-interest into calculation, Sanya's offer was convenient for Yuuto. He had been looking for people to work as security for the mansion. The skeletons could do that job while saving him lots of money. However Yuuto's goal was to have a slave harem of 100 beautiful girls.   No matter how much they fit the need, there was some resistance regarding hiring people that looked so inhuman. Not understanding what was going on in Yuuto's head, Sanya said something that confused Yuuto.

By the way, all the skeletons here are girls nanodesu.


Yuuto was troubled.

(If these 60 skeletons are female by gender, do they fall under the monster girl category……?)

If he accepted the skeletons here, he would go a long way in completing his slave harem of 100 beautiful girls. Since he did not know what their figures were like when they were alive, he could not deny the possibility that the skeletons were beautiful girls. It was like Schrodinger's cat theory.

Alright, I understand. I've decided to hire the skeletons as the guards for the mansion. But Sanya must properly take care of them. I appoint Sanya as the guard captain!


One of the reasons why Yuuto accepted Sanya's proposal was because he wanted to absolutely grant the wishes of a beautiful girl who was troubled. He decided to delay on whether he would count the 100 skeletons in his harem or not for later.

Onii-chan, I love you nanodesu!

Sanya replied immediately like a spoiled child before forcibly turning Yuuto's head and kissing him. The surrounding people were dumbfounded at what had just happened.


By the way, this was Yuuto's first kiss. He was so stunned that his first kiss was a 10 year old girl that his soul almost flew out of his mouth. Seeing Yuuto's uneasiness, Sanya became apologetic.

Um……, did Sanya do a weird thing nodesu? I heard from the Village Head that when a girl loved a boy, they kiss nodesu.

Ah, Un. I don't mind it……

If anything, even though the shock was big, Yuuto was more concerned over the reaction of the girls who had gathered.


Its embrassing! Yuuto-dono was a pedophile!?

Yuuto! What are you doing to my sister!?

Three beautiful girls, Spica, Sylphia and Rrina had three different reactions respectively.

(Oh dear. When the number of people increases……the worries increase too.)

However, strangely it was not an unpleasant feeling. On the contrary, as their master, he was even more motivated to keep the girls happy. His harem life of 4 beautiful women and 60 skeletons was going to be noisy from now on.


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