Emergency Quest

Emergency Quest

Hello. Yuuto-sama's QR is now level 7. Would you like to look at the new quests available today?

……Yes please.

As Yuuto agreed, Emilia opened the thick book.

Subjugation Quest

●Skeleton Subjugation
Required QR
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 skeletons
 1000 rea and 40 QP

Emergency Quest

●Subdue a large outbreak of Kobolds
Required QR
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 kobolds
 4000 rea and 30 QP

The urgent quest caught Yuuto's eyes.

(I believe……the reward for subjugating Kobolds was 800 rea……)

The reward was 5 times the regular amount.

Excuse me. What is this urgent quest?

Yes. This is a quest that has been commissioned by the king personally. Recently the damaged sustained by the city from Kobold attacks has skyrocketed. Since the situation has become serious, the kingdom has asked the adventurer's to subdue the kobolds before further damage is sustained.

Huh…… why did this happen?

According to rumors, the leader of the Orc tribe that dominated Ragul Mountains, Girudia Mesaeti has been assassinated by someone. Since Orcs are natural enemies of Kobolds, experts think that the kobolds are using this opportunity to increase their strength.

(Um……? Doesn't that mean……that I'm the one responsible for this……?)

Because Girudia Mesaeti was the Orc boss that summoned Yuuto to this world. Yuuto had killed him as a matter of course, so the outbreak of Kobold's is an unexpected development.

(No. This is just conjecture! I'm unrelated to this!)

Yuuto scolded himself as he tried to become optimistic. He needed to understand the moral values are different between modern Japan and this world. So it won't be good if he was tormented by guilt.

(Even so……This is an opportunity to be considered……)

Yuuto needed to increase his funds in order to bid for Sylphia. How he came across the gold shouldn't matter in that regard.

(The nearest habitat of kobolds…… is the the Rocky Mountain Caves.)

Yuuto decided to leave for the Rocky Mountain Caves after looking at a map.


However, what Yuuto did not know was that in the Rocky Mountain Caves, a named monster existed. If an adventurer knew of this danger, they would steer clear of the area.


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  2. So he feels that it is fine to have a slave harem, but is feeling guilty about killing a threat to himself due to unintended consequences that would be impossible to predict with his lack of knowledge?