Covert Action

Covert Action

After Yuuto parted from the others, he decided to defeat the thieves alone.

 Rarity ☆☆☆
(It is a skill that turns oneself and their surroundings transparent. It reduces the user's speed when used.)

At such a time, Transparent is a useful skill to use. Yuuto turned himself transparent and walked through the village.

No, it was quite easy.

Ah, I'll be able to drink some delicious liquor tonight.

Yuuto first noticed a group of 5 thieves. They were carrying a flaxen sack each, that probable contained copper and iron coins to the brim as they were almost bursting.


Yuuto chanted the magic spell in his mind and created an icicle in his right hand. He aimed at the tallest amongst the 5, who appeared to be 180 cm tall. Yuuto had learned Darts as it was a sport that helped with his martial arts technique. Yuuto imagined the icicle to be a dart, and he threw it after cancelling transparent. For Yuuto, who had mastered throwing darts with only the power of the elbows, the release took less than 1 second. The thrown dart created a straight trajectory and pierced right into the man's ankle.

……Gah! It hurts!

The man screamed, and began rolling on the ground like a green caterpillar as it became hard for him to even remain standing.

Who was it!?

The thieves became alert when they were attacked suddenly. However, there wasn't anyone from the direction at which the ice dart came from. The thieves could not find Yuuto was using Transparent. Yuuto waited for the thieves to turn away from him before he cancelled Transparent again and attacked. This time, the ice arrow pierced the ankle of another thief.


The thieves turned back hurriedly, but again there was no sign of anyone. The thieves began panicking due to the invisible attacker.

(All right…… I have a good feeling.)

His body movements became heavier due to the side effects from the Transparent ability. Therefore, fighting against monsters as a normal person was difficult while using the Transparent ability, However by cancelling the ability just during the attack, Yuuto could throw the darts using his high speed throwing techniques.


In the end Yuuto neutralized the 5 thieves in less than 2 minutes. After taking away their mobility with the ice darts, Yuuto kicked them in the head to knock them unconscious. He also did not forget to strip them of their items.

Thief's Knife
 Rarity ☆☆
(A knife with a curved blade for maximum damage. Thieves prefer it. It's not suitable for stripping materials.)

All five thieves had a Thief's Knife on them. He could sell these five rank 2 items for a decent price. The efficiency for getting money was greater here than defeating monsters where at least 10 materials have to be collected to get the reward.

(……No. I don't want to steal in order to make money. This is only to protect the villagers!)

By stripping the thieves of their weapons, he was reducing their fighting capabilities for if they regained their consciousness. As Yuuto made excuses for himself, he continued walking in the village for his next source of revenue.


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    2. he may also be avoiding a hostage situation. yet somehow, i feel like he's not really thinking about that.

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