Contract with the cat-eared sisters

Contract with the cat-eared sisters

After Olivia left the Foresty sisters' in Yuuto's care, he decided to return to his home.

Ririna, Sanya, You'll be living in this room from today.

Yuuto decided to give the two of them a room in the mansion. He had selected a single large room in accordance to Ririna's wish so that the two could stay together.

Funiyu N-no way nodesu!?

Oi oi, is this a joke……?

The Foresty sisters were surprised by the luxurious room in front of them, their eyes widening in surprise.

Adventurer-san. Amazing nodesu! Fluffy nanodesu! Impressive nanodesu!

An excited Sanya dived into the bed and began jumping around.

H-hey! Sanya! You're being rude to Yuuto!

A flustered Ririna tried to stop Sanya.

I don't really mind. Although, could I request you to stop calling me adventurer-san?

Why nanodesu?

Mmm, since we are going to be living under the same roof, I don't want to be distant and have a cold attitude towards one another.

I see nanodesu……

After being lost in thought for a while, Sanya came up with something.

Then I'll change it. From now on, I'll call you onii-chan nanodesu.

……O-oh. Please take care of me, Sanya.

While Yuuto was surprised at being called Onii-chan suddenly, it was not an unnatural thing considering their age difference. Since they were living in the same house, it was good to not treat each other as strangers.

Sa-sanya! How rude of you to say that to Yuuto!?

No, its fine if she calls me that. Also, is it not difficult for Ririna to call me Yuuto-sama? Its alright to call me just Yuuto without any honorifics.

But that would be unnatural…… we became Yuuto-sama's slave……

He had recently created the curse mark on Ririna and Sanya's right hand. Yuuto had already given the Foresty sisters' their first orders; Do not betray me and Do not reveal information about my abilities to others. With the Slave Contract, they could grasp each other's positions, as well as the added benefit of the Ability Plunder working when they killed a monster.   He didn't think that he would actually not use the ability even if he was given the choice.

Don't worry about that. I'm going to rely on Ririna for various jobs.

……That, what kind of jobs?

I want leave the overall housekeeping to you, specifically the cleaning of the house.

Ririna's face brightened when she heard Yuuto.

Such a large mansion!? May I clean this just by myself!?

………Yes, I'll be glad if you do. In the future if I end up increasing the staff, I want Ririna to be the head of the housekeeping corps.

Of course! It has always been my dream to do the household chores of a place such as this!

Ririna's eyes sparkled like a child who had been given new toys.

Onii-chan, Ririna had always been in love with housework nanodesu. If you mind it, you'll lose nanodesu.

I-is that so?

All right! In that case……I need to investigate the entire mansion and form a plan for cleaning the house! Yuuto, I'm sorry but I'll get to work at once.

Un. I'll leave it to you.

When Yuuto agreed to it Ririna dashed out of the room with her ponytail swaying around. He had heard that she liked doing housework, but her delighted response to being given the house work was unexpected to him.

Onii-chan, I understand that Ririna is going to do that housework, but what will Sanya do nanodesu?

Sanya's work……?

While Yuuto's immediate purpose was to hire housekeepers, however since Sanya had the Persuasion skill, he wanted to give her more suitable work.

Because I don't have any particular work that I would entrust to you, could I ask you to support Ririna?

Hearing Yuuto, Sanya puffed out her cheeks.

Funiyu I understand. However, I'm not satisfied with this nodesu.

It was only a few days later that he found a suitable job for Sanya.

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