Episode 101: Confession

Naa. Are you alright? Miss. You can join our party if you want. You won't regret it.

Mou. You're persistent. I want to challenge it solo, so why don't you scram.

Don't be like that. See, I'm very capable. Look at all the unskillful people gathered in this room! They are merely garbage that are stuck at Bronze rank. I, on the other hand, am a Silver rank. Hey. Following me would be a wise decision.

Robin Kruger
Unique Ability

Robin Kruger was a petite man of about 160 cm in height and had dog ears growing from his head. With a big head and stubby legs, he reminded Yuuto of a Bulldog.

Haa…… That Robin. trying to pick up a girl while using the excuse of inviting to his party?

Is that Robin person strong?

Ah, To be frank, his strength is the best amongst the adventurer's gathered in this room. His combat capabilities is high, and his is a veteran with nearly 10 years experience in the business. It could be said that he is the front-runner in the dungeon capture quest.

However, it seems that there's some problems with his behavior.

Well, all adventurers working have some sort of problem. A big job like dungeon capture quest seems to make them the most suspicious. For example, look at that man over there.

Lassen begins introducing the person standing behind Robin.

A while ago, I said that Robin is the front-runner in this capture quest, but to me, the man leaning against the wall is a dark horse.

Black Treasure Necklace
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(Neutralizes the Demon Eyes of another person.)

When he turned towards the direction Lassen pointed towards, he saw a tall man who was dressed in all black. 

I see. He certainly doesn't feel like an ordinary person.

He was a figure separate from the adventurers' gathered here. Because he was wearing a black hood, Yuuto couldn't see his face, but Yuuto could grasp the aura of the man in black clothes, and he could tell that he was strong.

The man in black came to the Adventurers' Guild in Expein very recently, but he hasn't disclosed his personal information to anyone at all. If my hunch is correct, he is considerably talented.

Certainly. The equipment he is wearing seems expensive.

This was the first time Yuuto was seeing another person who had equipped the Black Treasure Necklace other than him. Because the man had equipped a rank 7 necklace, his ability could be inferred.

……You're persistant! Quit it!

Pashin. The sound of a slap reverberated through the room. When he turned towards the sound, he noticed that the situation between the adventurer Robin and the demon masquerading as a high school girl had become tense.

………Tch. I'm mad! I've been modest with you till now! How dare a little girl like you ignore me, a Silver rank!


From the side, he could see that Robin was being nonsensical. The quiet expression on Beelzebub was contrasted by Robin who continued to raise his tension.  

Eh? You bastard! Say something! Hey!

Robin shook his fist in anger, and swung for Beelzebub's face.


Immediately after that, Yuuto was convinced that Robin would die from the blood thirst that he could feel from Beelzebub. He was certain that if Robin received a counterattack from the girl that he was attacking, he would definitely die. If Robin was murdered, it wouldn't really harm Yuuto, but he couldn't sleep well knowing that he didn't save a life that he could.

Stop right there.

Yuuto caught Robin's hand from behind and broke up the fight between the two.

Wha? Who are you? This has nothing to do with you!

No. I might have nothing to do with this, but……

(……If I leave you like this, you'll end up dead!)

He couldn't really explain it like that. So Yuuto ended up not saying anything.

Why are you silent!? I don't understand the meaning of your words! You small fry……

Robin's face reddened like an octopus as he was enraged, but his expression paled as soon as he saw Yuuto's face.

A great newcomer seems to have entered.

About half a moon from now, such a rumor had been floating in the adventurers' guild of Expein. The newcomer who averages over 50 materials for one expedition and was promoted to Bronze rank in less than a week. Robin himself didn't value that highly in terms of battle power. It had taken Robin a whole year to promote from rookie to Bronze rank, while it took him 10 years to promote from Bronze rank to Silver rank. Not trying to rise suddenly, taking every precaution, making sure to have a good party, he had been able to have a reliable result while fighting monsters. It was not a wise move to antagonize Yuuto here. As he was a careful person, Robin decided to pass judgment on Yuuto only after seeing him in action.

………Fun. I've lost my interest. Let's go, guys.


(Seriously. Even though I was just being helpful.)

After leaving a parting remark, Robin took his friends and left the adventurers' guild.

………My prince.

Potsuri. The uniform wearing girl muttered with a brilliant look.


I've finally found you! A prince just for me! I like you! I won't let go of your hand! Won't let go!

Beelzebub approached Yuuto passionately and grabbed his arm.


Even though he just saved an adventurer from being killed by a demon, he received a confession of love from the demon from some reason. Yuuto was perplexed by the unexpected development.


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    2. Being sarcastic here...demon lords temperaments is comparable to "normal" people dearuka?


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