Hoi, welcome.

Rikaruth Leohart
Unique ability

When he arrived at the real estate agency, Yuuto was greeted by a muscular man.

(……Uwa, another muscular person.)

The man's appearance was similar to Adolph, except maybe a few years younger. His nature seemed to be that of a wild bear.

Excuse me, I came here due to an introduction from Adolph of the guild recognized store.

What!? You were introduced by Adolph aniki……!?

The moment he heard Adolph's name, Rikaruth's expression became earnest, and he looked Yuuto over from head to toe. Shortly after that he smiled satisfactorily.

……I see. You are a good man.

He spoke such profound words. Yuuto could not understand how exactly he understood.

Um, to tell you the truth, I want to buy a house around here.

Fumufumu. In that case, are you looking for a house or an apartment?

I have not decided yet. I want to look around first.

Hou hou. What is your budget?

2.4 million rea……


Rikaruth widened his eyes in surprise at Yuuto's words.

I see. Brother looks to be an adventurer……you made a killing in a year. I can now see why Adolph aniki favored you.

Haa…… thank you.

All right! Leave everything to me! I will show the best property in town to brother.

Rikaruth declared as he clapped his buttocks to encourage himself.

(While I want to tsukkomi……I don't want to talk about it if it helps motivate him……)

Having determined that Yuuto decided to look at the properties that Rikaruth recommends.


The first house that Rikaruth showed was a single room neat apartment. The room was large, and was big enough for him to live along with Spica and Sylphia. And above all the most attractive thing was that it was only a 2 minute walk from the adventurer's guild.

How about it? This is a luxurious apartment that gold class adventurers favor greatly.

I am getting good vibes from this. I particularly like that it is close to the adventurer's guild. Incidentally, how much is it?

That's right. The original price is 700,000 rea…… but since brother is a good person, I'll give you a discounted price of 600,000 rea.

……Ah, thank you.

He seemed to have heard the exact same words before somewhere. It seemed that the real estate agent applied the Good person discount similar to the one by the Guild Recognized Shop.

(Is it alright to discount 100,000 rea for such an unclear reason……!?)

Even though he wanted to tsukkomi, he kept himself in check since he was getting to but things cheaper. Yuuto followed Rikaruth to the next objective.


The second house that Rikaruth introduced was a single family home in the quiet residential area. The 2 story house had a rich atmosphere and was more than big enough for three people to live in it. In addition, it was also at an attractive position, being only a 10 minute walk from the adventurer's guild.

How much is this house?

Right. The original price is 900,000 rea……but since brother is a good person, I'll give you a discounted price of 800,000 rea.


He decided to not mind the good man discount being applied. The first and second house both were attractive to Yuuto. However something felt off in Yuuto's mind. When he realized the reason, Yuuto punched his own hand.

(That's right. My goal……is to build a harem of 100 beautiful girls……!)

In that case, it would be best to buy a house where he could live with 100 beautiful girls. His budget was 2.4 million rea. With these funds he might not be able to buy such a mansion at this time. Therefore, he needed to steadily make more money through subjugation quests.

Um. It may seem insane to hear it……but is there a mansion where 100 people can live together?

What……!? 100 people……!?

Rikaruth was so astonished by Yuuto’s request that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

There is……one. It is managed by an acquaintance. There won't be any discount, and there are various problems with the building……do you still want to consider it?

Yes, please!

There was no reason for Yuuto to decline. He followed Rikaruth to the next objective.


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