Bronze Card

Bronze Card

 Oi oi. Is this a joke……!?

That kid. Did he kill that many Kobolds in a day……!?

Right now Yuuto was gazing at the people who were in the Adventurers’ Guild. Because the number of materials that a good party of adventurers can get is usually around 50. So it was obvious that Yuuto would be in the spotlight for bringing back 172 materials in a day.

No, no. He has probably been accumulating the materials over a long time.

Even so……The emergency quest only became available today. Isn't the timing too good?

Several voices could be heard in the Adventurers’ Guild. Even in such a situation, Emilia was pretty calm and had a bemused look.

Um. For today's Quest, Yuuto-sama will be given 510 QP. With this Yuuto-sama is promoted.

Yuuto checked his updated registration card.

Konoe Yuuto

A circular copper paint was placed on the card. Its appearance had changed to feel luxurious.

Excuse me. Could you explain to me what is this Bronze?

Yes. Bronze is a title given to adventurers with QR 10. Bronze adventurers can take an interest free loan from the back up to 100,000 rea as well as getting an increased 50% reward for subjugation quests up to QR 9.

……Does this apply from today?

Of course. This is today's reward for Yuuto-sama.

Emilia placed 8 Gold coins and 6 Silver coins on the table. Today's income was 86,000 rea. About 860,000 yen when converted to Japanese currency. While it was an emergency quest, the reward for just one day was pretty high. He had expected an original income of 68,000 rea, but it increased due to becoming bronze class. 
<TL note: The math looks iffy, but I think the author split the amount as before reaching bronze and after reaching bronze and then applied the bonus to after reaching bronze.>

Please be careful in the future, because no QP is given for quests up to QR 9 if the adventurer is of the bronze class.

……I understand

When QR is promoted to 10, there is no QP reward for quests up to QR 9 but the money reward is increased by 50%. In the future, he could take risks and increase his QP or play it same by taking low difficulty subjugation quests with high reward, both of which were good deals. Having received the exceptional reward, Yuuto left the adventurers guild with a spring in his step.


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  3. Time to up his bid at the slave shop

  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    Also your assumption of the reward being paid in split amounts calculating the amount before reaching QR 10 and the remaining rewards afterwards is correct:

    Yuuto was at 10/70 at QR rank 7 before the goblin subjugation.
    So to reach rank 10 he still needed 230 QPs (60 to QR 8, 80 to QR 9 and 90 to QR 10).

    One goblin subjugation of 10 goblins increases his QP by 30.
    So he needed 8 subjugations = 240 QPs to reach QR 10 and Bronze rank.

    He braought back 172 goblin daggers = 17 * subjugation rewards earned.
    8 (before bronze) * 4000 rea = 32000 rea
    9 (after bronze) * 6000 rea = 54000 rea
    Total: 86000 rea

    1. To much...math..head...HURTS!!! Good job

  5. Thank you for your hard work....

  6. There's no way a sane economy would function like this. +50% rewards for different people doing the same job? x5 rewards because we need more people to do it right now? Verifying kobold kills via knives that you can get without killing them? No way.

    That said, I will forgive all of this because it's basically a video game world and it's fun. I wish they would stop pretending to do math and focus more on the actually fun stuff, but it's fine I guess.