Episode 103: Akushoku (Eating repulsive things)

Yoo…… You embarrassed me a while ago.

Silver rank veteran adventurer, Robin Kruger was in a back street away from the public eye. The incident earlier at the adventurers' guild had hurt Robin's pride. It was impossible for him to withdraw from this situation. After consulting with a friend, Robin decided to turn Beelzebub into his plaything.

I say, didn't you make a mistake? If you join my party, you'll get my help.

Robin smiled vulgarly as he stood in front of Beelzebub. The wickedness of Robin was well known amongst adventurers of Expein. He had been violent with women in his party more than once before. After raping female adventurers with his friends, and the usual practice was to seal their mouth by throwing them into a crowd of monsters.

Um. Possibly, did you ojisans intend to do something violent with me?

Beelzebub raised her skirt showing her thighs as she smiled provocatively. Robin's friends began to breathe heavily in excitement.

Ha ha. If you think I'll end with just that, you're mistaken! After we rape you, we'll use you as monster bait and end your miserable life

Aaah. I can't stand it anymore. Robin-san! Hey, can't we begin already?

I don't mind it, but I'm going to be the first. We'll start by stripping the short skirt this fool is wearing.

As Robin's subordinates began approaching Beelzebub, something unusual happened.


Robin raised a stupid voice as he didn't know what was happening. Hiss view was dyed bright red suddenly. It took some time for him to realize that the red liquid covering the surroundings came from the bodies of his subordinates.


Robin pulled the sword from his waist and looked at his surroundings. There was no doubt that the upper bodies of his subordinates had been destroyed completely.

Awawa. What's wrong? Didn't you want to be rough with me?

Kotsu kotsu. The uniform wearing girl walked towards Robin as her school shoes clacked.

You……What on earth……!?

It's regrettable. I'm going to eat you old men.

Realizing that something weird was happening, Robin widened his eyes as he saw a strange creature.

Wh-wha……What kind of monster are you……!?

Approximately 2 meters tall, the body of the creature was painted black all over, and it was difficult to say whether its form was human or demon. Its lips were sown shut, making it impossible for it to open its mouth. Instead, it had a huge mouth with teeth attached to its abdomen. The monster had killed his subordinates a while ago. He could see a glimpse of dark red blood from the open mouth. The real nature of the unique ability that Beelzebub owned was the being in front of his eyes, and its rarity was unknown. Robin had no way of knowing that the monster had been summoned by Akushoku. TL note: The unique ability name translates to Eating repulsive things, which doesn't make a good skill name, so I stuck with the Japanese. If anyone can come up with something better, feel free to comment. The kanji is 悪食〉

You bastard!

Having made up his mind, Robin swung the sword at the monster in front of him. However, his sword passed right through the monster's body as if he had just swung at nothing.

(This guy……!? Its body is insubstantial……!?)

Just before his death, Robin thought this, but his guess was wrong. It had seemed to him that the sword just passed through the monster simply because of the speed at which it moved.

Love. Eat that person.

The monster swallowed Robin through the huge mouth in its stomach on Beelzebub's orders. The fight had ended in an embarrassing way. The silver ranked adventurer Robin and his friends became the monster's food without even having the chance to counterattack.

Haa. Worthless. Love. Give me a crepe.

On its master, Beelzebub's orders Love took out a crepe filled with cream from its mouth in its stomach and handed it to her. Beelzebub's Akushoku summoned a monster that could fulfill any its master's selfishness. It was a unique ability with an extremely rare effect. There were no restrictions regarding the selfishness to be granted. TL note: Broken character spotted... that is, even more broken than Yuuto. Love's mouth was connected to a different dimension, and could take out anything that the master desires. The 15 year old Demon Queen of Gluttony had inherited the strongest unique ability in the history of demons, Akushoku.

……to. This is no good. I haven't done something like this before!

Beelzebub smiled unintentionally as she remembered her exchange with Yuuto. Because of the unique ability that she was born with, Beelzebub was feared by the demons around her and had lived a lonely life. She didn't have a person she could call a childhood friend, so Love, who had been summoned her unique ability, became the only person she talked to. She could not hold back the throbbing in her chest. Yuuto was the first man who had risked his life to protect Beelzebub. 

Fufufu. Please wait for me. Yuuto-sama. I'll make you mine by any means necessary.

In the back alley of the town where no one was around, Beelzebub smiled fearlessly.


  1. my language translate this title become: 悪 is Evil, 食 is Eat.

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