After the fight

Episode 113: After the fight

Love. Heal our wounds.


At Beelzebub's order, the monster Love turned towards them and held out its hand which released a pale light as it used magic. He realized that it was healing magic immediately. However, its effect was surprising. Love's recovery magic healed both Yuuto's right arm and Beelzebub's frostbite in a second, and they would've taken a full day to heal under normal circumstances.

Is this……your ability?

Yes. The magician from before had set up a barrier that prevented me from using it……but it let up at the right moment. The barrier was probably broken by the golem's rampage.


Yuuto couldn't measure the ability of the girl in front of him.  He hadn't been able to see the ability with his Demon Eyes. Her ability probably had Details Unknown rarity similar to his Ability Plunder. He could say one thing, with being able to protect them from an explosion with its body to healing their wounds in an instant with magic, it was a highly versatile unique ability.

Since your injuries are healed, shouldn't you get down?

Because he had ran at a tremendous speed in the fight, Beelzebub's school uniform was ripped to pieces, leaving her in her light green underwear only. During the battle he had ignored it, but Yuuto couldn't keep his calm while he was in close contact with a beautiful girl in her underwear.

Uh. No way. By any chance, does Yuuto-sama dislike me?

………No, that's not what I meant.

Then isn't it good. Since the fight is over, let me get comfortable.

Beelzebub said in a flirtatious tone, and skillfully repositioned herself. Now, Yuuto was holding Beelzebub in a princess carry. Seeing from the front, he could grasp Beelzebub's proportions very well. She had an overall slender body, and her smooth skin was breathtaking. Although her breasts weren't particularly big, she had an inexplicably fascinating sex appeal.

Master! Are you alright!?

I'm sorry! Even though my lord told us to wait, we couldn't stand by!

As Yuuto looked at Beelzebub's body intently, he heard nostalgic voices from outside the room.

This was bad.

Realizing that he was in a bad situation, Yuuto tried to hide in the shadows while holding onto Beelzebub, but due to the explosion of the Crystal Golem, there was nowhere to hide in the room.

………Master. Since you didn't come back for a while………what on earth were you doing in such a place?

……I apologize. The sexual desire of my lord is greater than a rabbit in heat.

Spica and Sylphia gave a vacant look, as if they had lost all emotions.

(At this rate won't I lose all my dignity as the master!?)

Was there such a thing from the beginning?

It's not that he was spurred on by the question, but Yuuto desperately tried to think up an excuse to cover up the situation. Beelzebub laughed unintentionally as she saw Yuuto in a panicked state. And then she moved from the princess carry such that she was now straddling Yuuto. That is what was commonly known as the Daishuki Hold. TL note: This required lots of research, and I can't directly translate this as it's an internet slang. It basically means the missionary position - in sex obviously - but from the japanese wikipedia page, it can mean the standing position too, which the actual English term does not refer to.

Yuuto-sama. I love you.  Please receive my feelings of gratitude.

Making a bold confession, Beelzebub kissed Yuuto on his cheek.

…………Wh, whawhawhawha.

How about it? If Yuuto-sama desired, we could do something that feels even better, you know?

Beelzebub suggested in a sensual tone in order to provoke the shocked Spica and Sylphia.

Sha-shameless! Know your place! Beelzebub dono!

That's right! In the first place, what are you to master!?

What am I? I'm Yuuto-sama's lover, you know?

That's a lie! There's no way master has a lover!

Spica-dono is right! For someone like master who has a strong desire to build a harem, there's no way he can have a lover!

You two……could you not casually say something so rude?

It'd probably be better for him if they chose their words more carefully.

………Good grief! I came investigate due to the sound of the explosion……but I seemed to have instead found a terrible farce.

Having being late, Lassen found the others embroiled in a lover's quarrel, and sighed heavily. The Dungeon disturbance in the Lownas Grasslands was thus brought to a close.


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