After the fight

Episode 131: After the fight

Eh. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

My lord! My lord……my lord!!

Once they realized the fight was over, Spica and Sylphia ran to Yuuto and embraced him.

Dowa! Those voices……Spica and Sylphia!?

Yuuto was upset that he couldn't identify the two due to them having eaten the Transparency Fruit and Deodorant Fruit.

Scary! You two are being scary!

Master…… I'm……I'm glad you are safe……

I'm amazed! To be able to singlehandedly overcome such a monster……

Being touched by invisible people fanned a sense of fear in his heart. Yuuto had attacked the girls in bed during the night in Invisible man play, but now he was thinking that he should refrain from it in the future.

(I can't believe it. To defeat Thanatos……singlehandedly……)

Luna, who had been released from her restraints, felt like she was dreaming.


However, she couldn't remain uncertain forever. Luna had made up her mind earlier toSay what must be toldand speak her mind.

For being rude to you several times……I'm extremely sorry. I can never finish apologizing to Yuuto-san, and I cannot be more grateful.

No. There's no need for you to apologize to me so much……

I can't do that! I intend to repay the life debt that I received from Yuuto-sama!

Luna interrupted Yuuto and grips his hand tightly. Seeing Luna's features, Yuuto realized something. Luna, with her upturned diligent eyes, was a head turning beauty whom ten out of ten guys would want to marry.  A man would definitely be happy being thanked by such a beautiful girl.

Yuuto-san! If there is anything I can do for you, just ask. The Cait Sith tribe prides itself in our faithfulness! Our pride won't allow me to leave this favor go unrepaid.

I see. By the way, when you say you'll do anything, does that include lewd things?


Hearing Yuuto's unexpected question, Luna became speechless. While growing up in the Cait Sith village there weren't any males in the same generation as her, thus even though Luna was called the Warrior God after becoming an adventurer, her experience with the opposite sex was quite low.

Th-that……I didn't say it in that sense……


My lord……

Realizing Yuuto's ulterior motives, Spica and Sylphia gave him a disgusted look.

……Ahem. I was just joking! Forget I said anything!


Unable to withstand the atmosphere, Yuuto spoke ambiguously. But his words would remain burned in Luna's mind.


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