After the fight

After the fight

Once he got out of the range of the Lamp of Silence and reached the corridor of the mansion, he could use Magic Eyes again.

Guiche Bellstein
Unique Ability

Alarm Bell was gone from Guiche's unique ability. He then checked his own status

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability
 Ability Looting
 Slave Contract
 Magic Eye
 Alarm Bell
 Fire Magic LV 3 (22/30)
 Water Magic LV 3 (1/30)
 Wind Magic LV 3 (12/30)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Fire Resistant LV 2 (15/20)
 Water Resistant LV 2 (15/20)
 Wind Resistant LV 2 (14/20)

Because of the Ability Looting he now had the Alarm Bell skill. From this, Yuuto understood that Guiche's life was extinguished.

……I haven’t gotten used to using this move.

Yuuto was holding his left arm which was dangling at his side. While Destruction Fist was a skill that could even kill a vampire, the recoil from it was enough to shred his muscles.

Holy Magic
 LV 2
Available Magic

Yuuto used the Holy Magic that he had just learned. Immediately a pale colored light covered his arm. Even though he was anxious as it was the first time he was using this magic, the pain lessened after using heal. Yuuto realized that he had somehow reached the end of the contest safely.


It was an unbelievable scene. That was the honest feeling of Sylphia who had just witnessed the battle between Yuuto and Guiche from up close. For one person to defeat a vampire was unheard of, and was a great achievement that would become the stuff of legends. Yuuto's fight reminded her of the Arc Schwarz, the legendary hero from 500 years ago who had saved Trywide from the monsters.

Sylphia, are you hurt?

……I'm indebted to you for my life, and I could never repay you in one lifetime.

Haha, Sylphia is exaggerating it.

I won't say this as a jest. I really want to dedicate my body and soul to repay you.

Sylphia confided about her childhood to Yuuto.


Sylphia grew up at a knight's house in the small country, Luhmer, and from a very young age she had a question. What did she live for? Any adolescent would have at some point thought that question, but Sylphia had unusually thought a lot about it.

Sylphia always had outstanding talent in sword play, spear play, horse riding, studying and in many more areas. To say the truth, she could grow her talents without putting in much of an effort to hone them. But, why did she wield the sword……? Sylphia could not find a reason.

Compared to modern Japan, the status of women in Trywide was significantly low. No matter how superior of a talent a woman was born with, they could not govern a country, or even take over the house. Because of that Sylphia always had some unspeakable discomfort in the back of her mind. The defeat to Lodhran that caused her to escape into the mountains did not change her feelings. Without taking advantage of the given talent she lived an empty, aimless life every day.

However, right now having witnessed Yuuto fight, Sylphia felt that she had finally found her purpose in life. His talent had been inherited from heaven and he had cultivated his martial arts. If she were to dedicate herself to a man such as him, something miraculous might happen. Sylphia's empty heart was filled by the presence of only one man.

Yuuto-dono, would it be alright……if you completed the slave contract with me right now? I have vowed to dedicate myself to Yuuto-dono for the rest of my life. Therefore……I would like you to overwrite this damn curse mark as soon as possible.

Ah, its fine.

Thank you. So……let's go to the slave trading house after leaving this place……

……No, there's no need for that.

Yuuto gently took Sylphia's hand.

Wha-wha-wha- what are you doing!?

Sylphia blushed when Yuuto touched her suddenly. Having being born and raised at a dignified Knight's house, Sylphia did not have a resistance to men.

It's fine, just stay still for a while.

Yuuto bit the tip of his thumb and trickled a bit of blood on the back of Sylphia's hand. Immediately the back of Sylphia's hand was covered in a dazzling light as a geometric Curse appeared there.

This is……?

Sylphia widened her eyes in surprise.

Yuuto-dono……no, from now on I will refer to you as master. Did master have the slave contract skill?

Nnn, sort of.

Sylphia's reaction to forming the slave contract was similar to Spica. According to Yuuto's understanding, a unique ability is valuable in this world.

I have two orders for you as we are going to live together for now one. Do not betray me, Do not reveal information about my ability to others ……That is all.

I understand. In the name of Luhmer's guardian spirit Sylpheed, I promise. From this point on……all of me belongs to master. If it is an order for master……I will follow it.

Sylphia knelt on one knee and swore her eternal loyalty. On her lips was the most radiant smile of her life.


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