Ability Looting

Episode 2: Ability Looting

「....Oh. I was quite flashy with my kills.」

Yuuto muttered as the corpses lay on the floor in front of him. So far, Yuuto had learnt a variety of martial arts due to "family reasons", but using those martial arts to kill a humanoid was a new experience to him. The orcs were too ugly to be called human, which was a blessing in disguise for Yuuto. If they looked closer to humans, Yuuto would have hesitated during the fight.

「Mm.... I wonder what this is....」

Yuuto tilted his head inside the room full of corpses. In his field of view several game window like screens were scattered about.

Orc Spear

Such information was displayed about the spear the orcs were using and the following sentence was also visible atop the carcasses of the orcs along with the message about spears.

Girudia Mesaieti
Slave Trader
Unique Ability

According to the information, the orc boss' name was Girudia Mesaieti

(....Such a cool name doesn't match your face)

That was his honest thoughts.

「If it was an eroge, the orcs would be violating a female knight? But this is a different world, to it might just happen for real....

Yuuto muttered such biased knowledge. The orc's profession was that of a slave trader. It was obvious considering he had wanted to sell Yuuto off as a slave. A window was floating right in front of Yuuto.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability
《Ability Looting
(Skill Taker)》
《Slave Contract》
《Demon Eyes》

Yuuto was perplexed by the information about himself.

「Huh....? Why do I have three unique abilities?

A unique ability is something that one was born with in this world. That's what he learned from the orcs' earlier conversation. The information didn't add up because according to the orcs, Yuuto was "a loser with no unique ability". However. the problem was solved when he looked at the information regarding 《Ability Looting (Skill Taker)》 in the ability column.

Ability Looting (Skill Taker)
Rarity: Unknown
Details: Unknown
(Ability to take the skills of defeated monsters)

「I see.... this is the reason why my abilities increased. However, unknown rarity and details is kind of bad, isn't it?

Yuuto's estimation was right on mark, as a unique ability with details and rarity unknown belonged to the highest rank. When a person is summoned to this world, like Yuuto was, they are given a unique ability without fail. Yet in reality, the environment in which a person is born and raised in is also clearly reflected.

《Ability Looting (Skill Taker)》

The ability to steal the skills of demons by defeating them is the rarest skill, simply because Yuuto had the ability to make another's work his from the beginning. Yuuto, being extremely ignorant about the abilities, decided to look at the skills he had appropriated with his unique skill.

Slave Contract
(Ability to make the target a slave by dripping blood on the back of the hand. Those who become slaves cannot defy the master's orders. The master and slave can grasp each other's position)

Demon Eyes
(Power to see the nature of all creation. However, the degree of rarity is not shown for another person's abilities if the details are unknown.)

Here, Yuuto focused on the 《Demon Eyes》 ability. Why did he suddenly see information regarding everything? Yuuto reached the conclusion that the mysterious phenomenon was due to the 《Demon Eyes》 that Yuuto stole from the bespectacled orc.

(....I see. That's convenient)

When he was summoned to this world suddenly and almost killed, he thought that his luck was bad, but it seemed that the heavens have not abandoned him yet. 《Demon Eyes》 was a skill that allowed the nature of all things to be seen. There won't be an ability that is more reassuring to have than this while living in this world.


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