Suspicious Thief Suppression

Suspicious Thief Suppression

Hello, Yuuto-sama's QR has been promoted to 11. Would you like to look at the new quests that have become available?

……Yes, please.

When Yuuto affirmed, Emilia opened the thick booklet.

Search Quest

● Subdue Tanaka Kazuya!
Required QR
 LV 1
Completion Criteria
 Capture Tanaka Kazuya alive and bring him back to the adventurer's guild
 300,000 rea

Yuuto almost burst into laughter unintentionally when he saw the added quest.

(Who!? Tanaka Kazuya!?)

Yuuto had seen many names since he had been summoned to Trywide as he possessed the Demon Eyes skill, but it was the first time he saw a Japanese name.

Um……Could you explain the newly added quest?

Emilia explained on Yuuto's request.

Yes, this is a quest that adventurer's can accept regardless of their QR. Tanaka Kazuya is the boss of the thief gang that has been disturbing the public order recently. He seems to possess a powerful unique ability that he can use to enhance his body, and has been able to defeat the Knights that were sent to subdue him, which is the reason for such a high reward.

A thief……

Yes, By the way, this is a portrait of Tanaka Kazuya made from eye-witness description.

Emilia handed a pictured of a badly dyed brown haired man from the book to Yuuto.

(After all……he looks vaguely Japanese……)

The fact that Emilia told him that Tanaka Kazya had a strong unique ability went a long way in supporting his theory that the guy was Japanese. When someone is summoned to Trywide, they have a powerful rare unique ability without exception.

(Will this be the first time I meet a modern person since being summoned to this world…… I'm curious)

What sort of background did he have before being summoned to this world? While unlikely, but he might know something about how to return to his original world. After deliberating for a while, Yuuto accepted the quest to subdue Tanaka Kazuya. He wanted any information, even if they were trivial. When he accepted the contract, he got a pamphlet from the adventurer's guild.

According to the information received from the Knight's, Tanaka Kazuya mainly does kidnappings. Beautiful young girls are his targets, along with humans with rare unique abilities. Their modus operandi is to sell the kidnapped people to foreign slave merchants.

……I see. I understand.

Yuuto received the pamphlet and left the adventurer's guild. The group of thieves story was concerning, but it changed nothing. He decided to prioritized procuring funds and improving skill levels. He aimed to go to the place where he encountered the beautiful Kettoshi girl with a rare unique ability and the tamed monster, Orleans Forest (Intermediate).


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