Spica Brunel

Spica Brunel

Good Morning. I brought breakfast.

The next morning, Yuuto woke up to a familiar voice.

The dog-eared girl Spica was standing in front of room 203 carrying a tray full of food.

Ah. Thank you very much.

The breakfast consisted of rye bread, onion soup and yogurt made from sheep's milk.

Although the meal wasn't appetizing, for Yuuto who hadn't eaten anything since arriving in this world, it was a feast.

Weren't you the receptionist yesterday…… are you the manager of this inn?

Ahaha. No way. I'm just a hired maid. The landlady is making breakfast in the kitchen.

He-eh. I want to ask a question, is that alright?

It is. Ask away, I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

I'm looking for work. Is there any shop in town that employs part-time workers who work daily?

Because the funds that he took from the Orcs was greater than imagined, he didn't need money immediately, but he would surely go broke soon if he didn't find a job.

Therefore, Yuuto decided his next goal to be finding a stable income source.

Work…… is it. It may be rude, but does okyaku-sama have any special abilities?

……Not particularly. If talking about strength, I practiced martial arts from a very young age. I think that could count as an ability.

Hearing Yuuto's words, Spica's ears stand up.

In that case, I recommend going to the Adventurer's Guild. It's the only place in town where one could find daily employment. Depending on your ability, okyaku-sama may find well-paying work there.

Well. I need to ask…… can I register at the Adventurer's Guild without any proof of identity?

Yes, you may. There shouldn't be any problems with that. Once you register at the guild, the registration card can be used as ID in the future.

……Thank you. I am indebted to you. To tell you truth, I came from the country side, and thus didn't know how guilds work.

No no, it's alright. People like you aren't uncommon in this inn.

He-eh. Is that so?

Yuuto thought that choosing this inn was the correct choice.

Since it was cheap with no other redeeming qualities, people with special circumstances gathered here.

Thanks to that, asking something dumb won't garner suspicion.

The bed wasn't comfortable, but it may be worth it to stay in this inn in the future.

In that case. It may be a small amount, but please take this.

Saying that, Yuuto placed a silver coin in Spica's palm.

Although it was a small amount for Yuuto, Spica's eyes widened in surprise.

……Okyaku-sama? Did you mistake this for an iron coin?

Well…… I didn't make a mistake though……

(Oops. Was 1 silver coin too much……?)

He failed to see Spica's reaction.
It has been only a day since Yuuto was summoned to Trywide, so he didn't know the value of the currency.

But for Spica who was a live in maid at the inn, 1 silver coin was worth her week's salary.

As expected, I cannot receive this!

Flustered, Spica tried to return the silver coin.

No, please take it. If you refuse it, I won't be able to show my face as a man.


Let's do it this way. Please use this silver coin to fix up your appearance. How long has it been since you took a bath?

……!?That's rude. What do mean…… do I smell!?

Spica twisted around and sniffed her own body.

Because her gesture resembled an adorable puppy, Yuuto unconsciously smiled wryly.

I'm sorry. My wording was bad. I didn't mean it like that. Let's see…… I only thought with such a cute face, if you fixed up your appearance, you'd look pretty.

Spica shook her head at Yuuto's words as she received the coin.

Cute!? Are you using such words to describe…… me!?

Yup. There's no one else in this room, is there?

……Cute. That…… I am cute………

Blood rushes to Spica's cheeks with a poof.

It was the first time someone of the opposite sex had called Spica "cute" to her face.

And to add to that…… in Trywide, Yuuto's black hair and eyes were a source of envy.

About 500 years ago, the hero Arc Schwarz who saved the world from a demon lord also was a youth with rare black hair and eyes.

In modern Japan, Yuuto would not be called handsome.

At most, he would be average.

However, in Trywide, someone like Yuuto who had black hair and eyes could be called handsome.

It was another reason why Spica was so embarrassed.

……Well then. I'll take my leave.


She couldn't look at Yuuto directly from embarrassment.

Having finished his breakfast, Yuuto left the room to go to the Adventurer's guild, leaving behind stunned Spica.


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