Magic Bag

Episode 4: Magic Bag

Yuuto continued his plundering after that. Since the landlord was dead, Yuuto could freely strut across the mansion. He stumbled upon several miscellaneous clothes hanging inside a room on accident.

Adventurer's Clothes
(Clothes favored by a fledgling adventurer. It's soft and easy to move in.)

Yuuto laid his eyes first on a change of clothes. He did not know the culture of the world, but he was sure that going out wearing a jersey seeped in Orc blood was not a good idea. But why were there clothes for humans in an Orc's mansion? Yuuto wondered about it, but realized that to a slave trader, a human would be a commodity, thus it was not too far fetched. Yuuto decided to change his clothes. Putting away the Jersey in the 《Magic Bag》, he donned the 《Adventurer's Clothes》. 

(I need spare clothes……In case of emergency…… )

Yuuto packed all the men's clothes into the 《Magic Bag》 and moved on to the next room.

Ooh. I'll be taking this.

Rarity ☆☆
(Cloak made from tanned giant bat skin. It has excellent resistance to wind magic.)

Reading the description provided by 《Demon Eyes》, Yuuto immediately decided to wear the 《Mantle》. This equipment would be useful in the future. The black cape made from bat skin would be perfect when he needed to slip away in the darkness. While it was not possible to feel the effects yet, it would be better for him to have a hidden weapon close at hand. In the end Yuuto found 15 pieces of 《Adventurer's Clothes》 along with the 《Mantle》.


Legendary Orcish Sword
Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The sword was formerly wielded by the Hero of the Orcs. Studded with various jewels, it is a symbol of status for the group of Orcs that owns it.)

I found a really amazing item……!!

While walking down the hallway of the mansion, Yuuto discovered an incredibly rare item being displayed conspicuously.

But I wonder why I feel disconsolate……

The word Orc ruined the good item for him. The legendary Orc……While thinking that, Yuuto picked up the 《Legendary Orcish Sword》 intending to put it away in his 《Magic Bag》.

……Tsu It's awfully heavy.

The weight of the 《Magic Bag》 increased greatly once the sword was put in it. It seems that once the 100 kilo limit is crossed, the 《Magic Bag》 just increased its weight by the extra amount.

……I stole too many things.

Since there was a risk that there were Orcs that had gone out and they suddenly come back, it was dangerous to stay in the mansion for much longer. With that decision, Yuuto triumphantly stepped out of the mansion.


  1. Please keep it up. Very small chapters so far but good translation work. Getting a strong Re:Monster/Ability theft vibe going on here.

    Maybe once you get into the groove of things you can try more short chapters on specific days of the week?
    ThaNks a bunch.

  2. keep up the good work... its interesting so far

  3. Oh now he remembers there might be more orcs AFTER he finishes robbing themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚