VS Legend Blood 1

Episode 109: VS Legend Blood 1

At the same time, the fight that had broken out between a Demon Queen and a Hero at the 6F of the dungeon had developed into a one sided game.

Haha! Its unexpectedly disappointing. Are you sure you're the Demon Queen of Gluttony? Was the person who had that position 500 years ago like this too? Its pitiful.

Currently Beelzebub was crucified by a huge ice pillar created by Michael. Her limbs were sealed with ice shackles, making her unable to move. With her body temperature being stolen away, Beelzebub was close to being unconscious.

Love! Help me! Please!


In spite of Beelzebub's frantic shouts, Love, the monster, was silent.

Kuku, Trying to use your unique ability is useless. Didn't I say? I've created a barrier in this room that seals your ability.


The trap was a barrier created by applying a special seal carved onto a magic stone. It hadn't taken long for Michael to create a barrier that could seal the unique ability of the opponent. It was a widely known fact that Demon Kings always had powerful unique abilities. As a descended of the Hero, Michael had learned how to create the barrier in order to subdue demon kings at a very young age.

He had chosen this room in the dungeon as the battleground for two reasons. First was that the room was a pretty good size for setting up a barrier to seal up the unique ability of the opponent. The second reason was that as the room was deep in the dungeon it was possible to use his best magic without worrying about prying eyes.

Such a nuisance. Should I kill you in one blow? That would be the most kindness you'd get from me.

The next instant, Michael used the strongest water magic that was extremely difficult acquire, Water Storm. It was an advanced version of the basic water magic and could kill a large dragon in a single blow. A huge blade of ice flew towards Beelzebub's body after it was summoned by Michael's wand. It weighed nearly 10 tons, and was just as huge. If it landed a direct hit, even a demon wouldn't survive.

Love! Why!? Why won't you come out!


If you had to ask why Beelzebub had lost, it was because she was born with too strong of a unique ability. She had never trained for combat even once since her birth, because as long as she used the skill Akushoku, she could blow away any opponent, even if they had talent. If her unique ability was sealed, Beelzebub's fighting ability was greatly inferior to other demons. Therefore, as she could call upon the power of the monster, she was in a life and death crisis.

(Why! Why!? Why………am I dying in a place like this!?)

Beelzebub closed her eyes softly as she waited for her inevitable defeat. At that moment, a lump of ice the size of a baseball came flying from behind Beelzebub with an extreme amount of spin applied to it. It collided heavily with Michael ice blade and changed its course. Immediately the 10-ton blade of ice went past Beelzebub's body by a lot.

What………? What happened just now?

It was obvious that the reason for the change in the trajectory of the blade of ice was an attack from the outside. However, it didn't make sense. Michael had made the sword by compressing the water storm into one-ten thousandth of its actual size. What kind of magic could deviate something so dense? Being cautious of the appearance of a second Demon King, Michael turned towards the direction the magic came from.

Yo. Are you guys having some fun? Let me join in.

However, contrary to Michael's expectations, the figure of a boy laughing fearlessly came into his view.


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  2. is it just me or doesn't this chapter continue where the previous chapter ended?

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    1. Hahaha yeah, it was pretty funny. I almost got mad at that, but I remembered I was reading this novel merely to kill some time. Besides, I shouldn't be criticizing the literary quality of a web novel in the first place, lol.