Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chapter 89

Here's the second and possibly the last chapter for the day. I do wonder why people are so unhappy with the air bike thing. I mean, it seems like a cool idea, and adds to the world. Is it such a weird idea in a world where people from a modern world such as ours get transported to to have air bikes? It almost seems like the result of a chuunibyou person's idea to make a sci-fi like thing in a fantasy setting.

In any case, enjoy the chapter.

Edit: Although, I have to say, the introduction was executed horribly by just throwing it in there when MC needed it.

Ch 89

Chapter 88

Here's the first chapter for the day.

Ch 88

Friday, January 15, 2016

Chapter 85

Here's the second chapter of the day. Again, I ask people if the new styles are more difficult to read. Someone already said that black on grey on the pagination links make it harder to read, so I'm changing it to white on grey. If there's anything else, let me know.

Ch 85

Chapter 84

Here's the first chapter today. As you might notice, I've added some css to the site so that the headers, tables and pagination at the bottom of chapters look a bit different. I've also added the chapter number to the chapter title, so it should be easier to navigate. The older chapters still remain the same, but as I've started editing them, they'll soon have the new format. If the new style makes it harder to read, don't forget to mention which part is not working out for you, and I'll see what I can do.

Enjoy the chapter.

Ch 84

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chapter 82

Here's the final chapter of volume 2. The author has recently finished volume 3 and started volume 4, so I'm going to guess that I'll catch up to the author by February or March. But I'm probably looking too far ahead. In any case enjoy the chapter.

Fun fact; the author releases these small chapter's on a weekly basis.

Ch 82

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chapter 81

Here's the first chapter for the day. There's only one more chapter till the volume ends, so I'll try and finish it by today, but like always, no promises.

Ch 81

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chapter 78

4th and final chapter for the day. Probably could have done 1 more, but I still gotta study for class tomorrow. In any case, there's very little chance that there might be any chapters tomorrow as I have classes. I might be able to put something together for Monday, but who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Ch 78

Chapter 77

Here's the third chapter of the day. Enjoy.

Ch 77

Chapter 76

Here's the second chapter for the day. Enjoy.

Ch 76

Chapter 75

Here's the first chapter for the day. Also, as Guro and Vaen Dryl pointed out, Kettoshi should translate as Cait Sith, so I've fixed them. I remember now that Kirito from SAO actually spoke Kettoshi when he meant Cait Sith, so yeah, it was my bad.

Anyway, enjoy.

Ch 75

Friday, January 8, 2016

Chapter 74

So, my university started yesterday. The first day was exhausting. I had classes from 8 in the morning, they I had orientation at 10, followed by a tour around the campus on foot. Then I had to wait till 2 for the next class, which got postponed at the last second. With the tour and the commute, I think I walked over 5 kms yesterday. I ended up recuperating the entire day as I hadn't walked that much in a while.

In any case, as it is right now, there probably won't be any chapters on days I have classes. And depending on assignments and stuff, there might not be any chapters of my off days either. But for now, I can safely say that there will be chapters of Friday's and Saturday's. Treat chapters on other days as bonus ones that I managed because I had too much free time on my hands.

On a positive note, I'm studying English even though it's my second language. I hear that sometime during my 5 year stay, there'll be courses on translations. My English should improve over this time period.

Anyway, enjoy today's first chapter. I'll try and get a couple more out.

CH 74

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chapter 73

All right, so my electricity is back, therefore here's chapter 73. And I must ask you guys, when did this story ever have consistently big chapters? As I see them as the translator, they are usually within 500 to 700 words. Only on certain occasions are they bigger than that.

Anyway, enjoy.

Ch 73

Chapter 72

Here's Chapter 72. I won't be having electricity today for 4 to 8 hours due to maintenance work, which means there wouldn't be too many chapters today.

Ch 72

Monday, January 4, 2016

Chapter 71

Second chapter for the day. Also t kim is translating this to Vietnamese. Go here if you want to read that. I'll put the link up in the TOC later as well.

I have to go to university soon to get my class routine, so there probably won't be too many more chapters today. Probably 1 more, but no promises. In any case, enjoy the chapter

Ch 71

Chapter 70

Here's the first chapter of the day. On a different note, the blog crossed a million overall hits today. Thanks for all your support, an I hope to continue to translate just as I have been. Enjoy.

Ch 70

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chapter 69

6th and final chapter for the day. I also got the cut out portion of Chapter 68 from Fred Smith, which has been translated and placed in its respective chapter. Enjoy.

Ch 69

Chapter 68

I have far too much free time on my hand. Here's chapter 5 for the day. It has the color image, just like I said it would, so enjoy. I'm going to take a break now, cause I have been translating for far too long today. Gotta do other things too you know.

Ch 68

Chapter 67

Damn, these chapters are so short that this is today's fourth chapter of the day. I am on a roll it seems. Also, I don't want to hype you guys up or anything but, there should be a color image next chapter, so you can look forward to that. When I'll be done with the chapter, I have no clue.

On a side note, if I continue at this speed, I will catch up with the author very quickly. Enjoy the chapter.

Ch 67

Chapter 66

Is this the smallest chapter yet? I think it is. In any case, enjoy today's third chapter.

Ch 66

Chapter 65

Remember when I said I hadn't been noticing speech patterns? It seems that Sylphia says My Lord instead of Master. Who Knew!? Well, I don't feel like going back and fixing all these speech patterns, for now at least.

In any case, enjoy chapter 65.

Ch 65

Chapter 64

Here's Chapter 64. Enjoy

Ch 64

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chapter 63

Here's the first chapter for the day. I might get around to doing a couple more today. Also to note, my classes will start in 3 days, so I will slow down on releases when that happens.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Ch 63

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

It took me 56 chapters to realized that I had not been paying attention towards a characters speech patterns. A new character made me realize that I had messed up at least two minor characters patterns. Maybe I should go back and fix them at some point?

Anyway, today I give to you 10 translated chapters to enjoy. And along with that, I'm letting you guys know that I'm switching back to the post a chapter the moment its translated schedule, since it was a hassle editing 10 chapters at the same time. Adding the Previous Chapter and Next Chapter links become a hassle if done so repetitively.

Here are the 10 chapters. Cheerios.

Ch 53
Ch 54
Ch 55
Ch 56
Ch 57
Ch 58
Ch 59
Ch 60
Ch 61
Ch 62